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Secondary Account Contacts - Adding, Deleting, and Editing

You can now add a secondary log in to your My Rochen customer account. Having a secondary log in can be convenient as it allows you to assign other people to your account for specific purposes, such as your developer for support ticket communication with our technical support, or your accounts payable personel for updating credit card information and paying invoices.

Please note however, that we do not advise adding new contacts and providing them with all available account permissions. Only your primary Rochen log in should have all permissions, and it already does by default. Rochen cannot be held responsible for actions taken by secondary contacts that you've added to your account.

Adding a New Contact:

1) Please read the above notes in full before adding any new contacts!

2) In the "Account & Billing" section in your My Rochen dashboard, select "Account Contacts" or "Secondary Contacts"

3) Click on the "Add New Contact" button in the top right corner.

4) Fill out the requested user information in the form fields

5) Tick the "Login Access" box, if you want the new contact to have MyRochen area access with their own login for your account.

- Enter a secure password, and then confirm in the second box
- Click on the "Set Permissions" button.
- Carefully choose the permissions you want your contact to have
- While the Permissions window is still open, and your options selected, press "apply"
- Double check the password, and user details, and then select email notification preferences
- When finished, click "save" at the bottom

Editing an Existing Contact:

1) Follow steps 1 and 2 from above

2) Click on the 'Manage' button to right of your contact's name and email address in the list.

3) Go through the email preferences, contact information, and password to review and edit your preferences

4) To add or remove permissions, remember to click the orange 'Set Permission" button and then hit "apply" in that window when done.

5) Double check everything, and then hit "save"

Deleting Contacts

It's important to always keep your account information up to date. This includes ensuring that any contacts listed under your account are people who should rightfully have access.

To remove secondary contact from your account, In the "Account Contacts" section under "Account & Billing", click on the "manage" button to view the contact that you wish to delete. Then simply click the grey "Delete" button at the bottom of the page.

LOST PASSWORD? If you have misplaced your My Rochen log in details, or if your most recent set of credentials are not working for you, we can assist you with recovering them, per the instructions in this KB article

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