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What level of support can I expect from Rochen?

Here at Rochen we pride ourselves not only on the speed and stability of our servers, but also on the service we provide to our clients. Please note the following details that will help you ascertain if your issue is one our support staff can assist you with or not:

While we take care of all serverside issues (apache, php etc upgrades) we are NOT able to provide 3rd party scripting support. We strongly suggest first of all you note this article and save yourself much unnecessary work and stress.

Where do you get help for 3rd party scripting issue? We suggest you consult with your developer or the developer of the particular script/component you are having issues with.

What can you do as a customer to ensure you are attended to as soon as possible?
Please note the following article on Guidelines regarding the use of "Emergency" tickets. When opening tickets please fill in ALL the information we request from you, including your server name, domain name as well as cpanel username and password.

All our technical support is handled through the My Rochen customer portal with average ticket response times in the minutes. We also have our Customer Forums where you can seek peer-to-peer support from other customers as well as Rochen staff. The support queue under the My Rochen customer portal is monitored 24 hours per day (even on Christmas Day) by our teams in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

We don't offer telephone support as we have simply found that it isn't required with the level of support we provide through our help desk. Telephone support also makes it very tricky to pass things like error messages and maintain a proper trail of a support issue to completion. Most companies we have seen offering phone support simply have low level technicians handling the phones or outsource it. Here at Rochen everyone monitoring our support queues is a qualified engineer. Also as a small company with clients in over 60 countries it just isn't viable for us.

We hope that in the unlikely event you do require support from us, we will handle your query efficiently and promptly. Thank you for taking note of this article.

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LOST PASSWORD? If you have misplaced your My Rochen log in details, or if your most recent set of credentials are not working for you, we can assist you with recovering them, per the instructions in this KB article

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