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Please don't open multiple tickets on the same issue...

Here at Rochen, we pride ourselves on the level of support we offer our clients. However we do need your assistance in order to provide you the highest level of service possible.

Our helpdesk is available through My Rochen at:

Please don't open multiple tickets about the same issue at the helpdesk. This simple creates confusion, slows down support and will not increase the response time to your ticket, if anything it will decrease it. All tickets are read and responded to in the order and priority they are received.

Also please do not reopen old tickets that have already been closed by one of our support staff. If you have a re-occurring issue, please open a new ticket, however feel free to make reference to your previous ticket.

Thanks for helping us to help you!

LOST PASSWORD? If you have misplaced your My Rochen log in details, or if your most recent set of credentials are not working for you, we can assist you with recovering them, per the instructions in this KB article

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