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Guidelines regarding the use of "Emergency" tickets

There seems to be some confusion amongst customers with regards to when "Emergency" tickets should be used. While some customers never use this priority level other customers seem to use it for all of their support tickets.

The "Emergency" level is designed for emergency use only so that we can quickly identify your ticket and address it as a matter of urgency. If you use this priority level for all of your tickets when it comes to a real emergency then we may not be able to assist you as fast as you would like.

Please do use emergency tickets when experiencing a total loss of connectivity or outage of your website (a confirmed server outage) but please do not use them for a general support request such as adding an additional domain or changing a disk space quota.

Thank you for your cooperation.

LOST PASSWORD? If you have misplaced your My Rochen log in details, or if your most recent set of credentials are not working for you, we can assist you with recovering them, per the instructions in this KB article

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