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Using the Let's Encrypt SSL cPanel Plugin

This article only applies to Rochen Premium Web Hosting Customers.

Enabling HTTPS for any of your sites using a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate under a Premium Web Hosting (PWH) plan with Rochen is extremely straightforward:

1. Your domain name’s DNS must be pointed to your Rochen account before proceeding.

2. Login to cPanel for your site through the My Rochen portal.

Rochen cPanel login

3. Click Lets Encrypt SSL under the Security section in your site’s cPanel.

Rochen Free SSL plugin

4. Click Issue under the Action menu next to the appropriate domain or sub domain for your site.

Rochen Free SSL installation

5. Rochen recommends issuing the certificate for your “www” alias and installing the certificate to secure your mail services. After checking both boxes click Issue.

Rochen Free SSL installation


Note: If you have a wildcard subdomain and would like to issue a wildcard SSL for it, this will require the DNS based validation option at the bottom of this page. This requires your nameservers for the domain to be hosted at Rochen and will not work with third party DNS. For general ease of use and optimal compatibility with most configurations, issuing a regular (non-wildcard) SSL is recommended using the default HTTP based validation option.

Using the HTTP based validation option any (sub)domains you are trying to include on the SSL (such as your mail subdomain) will need to resolve to your Rochen server before you issue the SSL in order to satisfy domain validation requirements in Let's Encrypt.

6. You will receive confirmation that your SSL certificate has been issued and installed. Now all you need to do is test your site using HTTPS to confirm.

Rochen SSL installation


Domain validated SSL certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt are valid for 30 days but will be automatically reissued and installed on the server before expiring. So there is nothing for you to manage. Your site now has HTTPS protection completely free of charge.

It is possible for Managed Cloud Servers (MCS) customers to take advantage of the Let’s Encrypt project but custom configuration is required. Please contact our 24/7 technical support team through the My Rochen portal to discuss further. Please note that a $30 license fee will apply to US MCS customers, or a £20 GBP (plus possible VAT) for UK MCS customers. If you move from a PWH plan to a MCS plan, the certificates done on PWH will not work on the MCS once they expire, until a new license is purchased.

While many customers will take advantage of free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, Rochen also offers higher grade SSL options including Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates for purchase.

Please note that Let's Encrypt currently has a rate limit of twenty certificates per domain name in a given week, so if you have a large number of subdomains it is possible you could hit this limit. In January 2018 they plan to add wildcard SSL support to alleviate the issue. For more information, please see

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