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Credit Card Declined / Overdue Notice

At Rochen we are very easy to work with and we understand that problems with credit cards will arise from time to time. We are not the type of provider who will immediately jump on the suspension button as soon as your credit card is declined. Rochen allows a five (5) day grace period on invoices from the original due date before your account will be suspended.

If your credit card is declined then our system will automatically send a warning message to the email address that we have listed on file for you. For this reason it is very important that you keep your contact information updated with us at all times.

There are three main reasons that we see for credit cards being declined -

1) Insufficient Funds - Your credit card has insufficient funds available for us to process the charge.

2) Expired Card - The credit card we have listed on file for you may have expired. If this is the case, then please update your card information via My Rochen at: with a new card.

3) Card Issuer Declined - Credit card issuers will sometimes decline legitimate transactions if they look suspicious or are outside of your normal spending pattern to help protect you from fraudulent use of your card. You should contact your card issuer to assure them that charges from Rochen are legitimate and then contact us to reprocess the charge.

*NEW* Paying Your Overdue Invoices:

You can now pay your overdue invoices directly from your My Rochen account. To do so, simply follow these steps:

1) In the "Account & Billing" section, click on "Invoices"

2) The invoices will either be listed as "paid" or "unpaid". Click on the invoice number of the "unpaid" invoice that you want to pay.

3) A new window or tab will open with the invoice details. Underneath the invoice number and the red "Unpaid" text, you will see a button that says "Pay Now". Click that button. If you have My Rochen account credits available, you will be given the option to apply them towards your invoice.

4) The invoice will process automatically. If successful, you will receive an email confirmation with a copy of the paid invoice attached. You'll also be able to see that invoice now listed as "paid" in your invoice list. If unsuccessful, it will remain "unpaid" in the list, and you'll receive an email notification listing possible reasons for the declined charge.


What if your account is already suspended because of an overdue invoice?

Simply follow the steps above in the yellow box. Once the invoice is paid, the account suspension will be automatically lifted by our billing system. It may take 3-5 minutes for the unsuspension to complete.� If you notice that the account is still suspended for a prolonged amount of time after the invoice has been paid, please open a billing support ticket for assistance.

LOST PASSWORD? If you have misplaced your My Rochen log in details, or if your most recent set of credentials are not working for you, we can assist you with recovering them, per the instructions in this KB article

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