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Transfer a Joomla Site to Rochen

You can transfer your Joomla website to the Rochen server using our exclusive Joomla Utilities cPanel plugin. With Joomla Utilities you can migrate a complete copy of your website, including database, templates, and all files in your Joomla directory) over to Rochen from your current host quite easily. All that you need are your FTP credentials from your current host, as well as an activated Rochen hosting account.

Alternatively, we provide free migration services with new accounts and are more than happy to take care of this for you. More information on our migration services can be found here: Does Rochen Provide Migrations Services?

Manual Method for transferring a Joomla site to Rochen -

1) Upload your Joomla files to your new account here at Rochen under the 'public_html' directory.

2) Export your MySQL database from your old provider. You should be able to do this via their control panel using a utility like phpMyAdmin and it will give you a dump of the database in a .sql file.

3) Login to your control panel here at Rochen and create a new MySQL database. Select phpMyAdmin and import the .sql file into the database you just created. (For .sql files over 18MB you can import them via SSH or alternately upload the .sql file via FTP to your home directory, open a ticket with the exact path, filename, and db name details, and we will be happy to import it for you at the MySQL command line).

4) Create a MySQL user (you will select a username and password) and grant that user "all privileges" over the database you just created in step 3 above.

5) Finally, edit your Joomla configuration.php file to reflect the new database connection details and any changes in path. Your database hostname must be "localhost", and you must update your $db, $user, and $password variables. Your log_path and tmp_path will typically need to be changed to this format, where username is your cPanel account username:


6) Test that your site works and when you are happy change over the name servers for your domain name.

Note: SEF URLs will not work when testing your site via a temporary URL, but you will be able to use them once you have changed over the name servers for your domain.

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